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With differentiated products, services and competitiveness, it has become an important global manufacturer, supplier and service provider of oil and gas upstream, midstream, downstream, chemical industry, pipeline transportation, thermal power, coal chemical industry, metallurgical mine and water treatment pump equipment.

Continuous technological innovation and management innovation to provide customers with high-quality products and services, so that the company will become a dynamic, prosperous and prosperous international company; for customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and society to provide long-term rich returns.


Become the most respected and valuable supplier, service provider and manager of petrochemical, power, mine and water treatment pumps in the world.

Sense of worth:
Customer: We firmly agree with all the customers who insist on it, and we firmly oppose all the customers who oppose it.

Employees are the greatest wealth of Changzhi Pumping Industry and the source of enterprise development. The realization of our goal depends on the joint efforts of all staff. We listen to and respect the beliefs and opinions of every employee.


Pursuing perfection and excellence is the working principle of Changzhi Pump Industry.


In pursuit of high speed to gain competitive advantage, Changzhi Pump Industry will continue to pursue high speed in technology, production and service.


Innovation is the source power of sustainable development of enterprises.


Efficient and concise flow management is the core of Changzhi Pump Industry.

Team spirit:
We advocate unity, cooperation, mutual trust and sense of responsibility. We are aggressive and creative, and do our best to contribute to society, customers and employees.



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