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Material inspection; with perfect inspection instrument and equipment for foundry auxiliary materials, along with the fast analyzer before setting up the furnace, the stokehole can be monitored; materials ratio can be appropriately adjusted. Applying spectrum analyzer, electrochemical analyzer, metallographic analyzer, mechanical properties (stretch, shock and hardness) analytical equipment and taking a random sample to check the chemical composition, metallographic structure and mechanical property as to ensure materials to be used meet the standard requirements.
Ultrasonic flaw detector Magnetic particle flaw detector
Universal tool microscope Carbon sulfur analyzer
Impact testing machine Tensile testing machine Hardness tester Digital display vertical optical meter
testing system:
Endurance test bed/Open(Closed) platform
Test accuracy: 
ISO9906-1 accuracy(GB/T3216-2005-1 accuracy)
Test capability:
Voltage:380V、6kV、10kV         Pool capacity:5000m3
Test flow:50000m3/h         Test pressure:40MPa
transformer:5000kVA         maximum power:4000kW

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