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Technical Consulting Service for Requirement Analysis and Design of Equipment Planning System
1. Assist buyer in equipment planning and system requirement analysis, cooperate with design institute to formulate complete engineering design plan.
2. Work closely with the relevant departments of the owner to fully consider the user's performance and functional structure in the system and the selection of equipment needed by the system.
3. Provide professional technical advisory services.
4. Provide visits and reception at any time and various conveniences.
5. Appoint professional technicians and business personnel to carry out technical exchanges and technical communication. Provide timely product performance, characteristics, schematic design drawings and various parameters before and after the whole bidding process, and actively cooperate with the buyer in choosing the satisfactory product manufacturer.
6. There are offices in major cities all over the country. The offices have business negotiation personnel and technical personnel, which can provide timely and thoughtful services at the first time.

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