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Convenient Service Channel and Lifelong Equipment Maintenance

1. The quality guarantee period of the contracted equipment shall be determined according to the national standards and the requirements of the buyer. During the stipulated quality assurance period, our factory should remedy the defects and damages caused by process, design problems or the use of defective materials. When this happens, our factory should rush to the site immediately according to the buyer's notice and be responsible for repairing or replacing the equipment free of charge. Meanwhile, the quality guarantee period of the contract equipment should be extended according to the time delayed by actual repairing or replacing (including re-completing the inspection and acceptance), and the equipment parts repaired or replaced and other equipment departments that cannot be used due to the defects of the equipment should be extended accordingly. The quality assurance period shall start from the date when the equipment is put into operation again. During the quality guarantee period, the factory will organize service personnel to conduct a routine maintenance of the products on site, focusing on checking the tightness, lubrication, sealing and stable operation of fasteners, and verifying the technical and safety performance of the products.
2. Before the expiration of the quality assurance period, when the buyer carries out a final comprehensive inspection of the contracted equipment, the factory will dispatch personnel at its own expense to participate in the inspection, and the factory will immediately deal with any defects arising from the inspection to ensure that the products are always in good condition.
3. After the expiration of the warranty period, we will undertake to provide lifelong maintenance for the equipment. Our factory will regularly organize after-sales service personnel to visit customers once a year, to understand the use and maintenance of products, to carry out comprehensive maintenance and maintenance projects for equipment.
4. Conduct regular training courses to impart operational experience to users in a timely manner. Upon receiving the quality information from the buyer, our factory will reply within 1 hour and send service personnel to the site within 24 hours to ensure that the users are not satisfied with the quality and the service does not stop. With regard to spare parts, our factory provides fragile spare parts and spare parts free of charge when the products are delivered. When the users have demand or the quality guarantee expires, our factory will understand the above requirements in the process of tour service, and we will deliver the spare parts needed by the users to the user's site in the shortest time to meet the buyer's requirements for spare parts at any time.
5. Our factory establishes user account for all users. Every year we will issue customer satisfaction questionnaires to users to investigate the use status and quality status of our products. Users can timely feedback customer satisfaction or experience to our factory through customer satisfaction questionnaires. In addition, users can also timely transmit their opinions and improvements to our factory through the product user service processing sheet carried by our factory service personnel. We solemnly promise not only to provide qualified new products to the buyer, but also to provide high-quality services. We will establish an eternal convenient and fast connection and service channel between the buyer and the seller, which will run through the whole process of the product life cycle with "after-sale service", "advanced service", "whole process service" and "lifelong service".

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